The Ghost Within Trilogy (small)

The Ghost Within Trilogy (2013-2016)

The Ghost Within Trilogy is the trilogy (or Triptych) of concept albums that share the same narrative. The albums are set to be released in 2013, 2016, and 2017/2018.


The trilogy of albums that will released are as followed:

  • The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil[1] (2013)
  • Tomorrow Comes Today (EP)[2] (TBD)
  • The Ghost Within: Melinda's Madness (The Downfall).[3] (TBD)

The albums focus on the main character Turmoil and the antagonist The Ghost Within, as well as his lost love, Melinda, who remains nameless throughout the albums run. With those two albums, Turmoil is seen lucid dreaming, having nightmares, and weaving in and out of Reality. Although it is known that lucid dreams are brought on by the dreamer themselves, in this case, The Ghost Within is the one who induces the lucid dreams that Turmoil experiences. Turmoil also deals with (to an extent) Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, lonliness, and intense loss.


in chronological order:

The Ghost Within: Melinda's Madness (The Downfall)

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The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil

"Devastated by the love of his life leaving him, Turmoil, finds himself drowning in a cesspool of depression and wanting out of his emotional roller coaster ride. The ghost within haunts his thoughts as he feels his grips on sanity slipping away. The listener gets taken on his journey through madness and back again. Join Turmoil in his process musically, and evolve as he does, and as the music progresses, so will he."

Tomorrow Comes Today

"Memories not only take one to happy times of nostalgia and inner peace but it could be said our own identity lies within our memories. They connect us and bind us to one another. So in an attempt to regain his sanity, Turmoil must escape The Ghost Within's clutches, but in doing so he loses his memories and part of himself in the process."

Remix albums

coincides with the release of each album in The Ghost Within Trilogy, with each track list mirroring that of its counterpart release.


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  1. The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil on Facebook
  2. Tomorrow Comes Today (EP)